The programme is flexible and can be personalised to your individual needs and prior experience. The final evaluation consists of a CGI (Criterium Guided Interview) where both parties interact in order to come to a final assessment of the leven of competence in implementing HILL and certification by the High Impact Learning (HILL) Academy.

Overview package rate Trainers Certificate
(min. 6 days)
Part 1: Inspirational- and analysis session: HILL introduction

1 day: up to 100 participants

Part 2: Bootcamps

3 days: up to 25 participants

Part 3: HILL training day in interaction with other trainers and HILL conference

2 days

Part 4: Train the HILL Trainers 
(recommended / not compulsory)

Get your own personalised track towards your HILL Trainers Certificate:

  • You take your final evaluation as soon as you feel competent for it.
  • You did take minimum 6 days.
  • You choose your own track and timing.
  • You have a major influence on content used.
  • You determine your speed of learning.
  • You choose in what order you follow the parts.
  • We make together with you a personalised track in order to see how we can organize your journey (depending on subscription with a small group or a large group).

Concrete data for implementation will be agreed as soon as possible after approval of the offer.

Special rates are offered when several trainers from the same organisation participate.


1 day

This session gives you scientific know-how and insights in why a change towards HILL approach is needed. Participants learn how to develop a shared vision on HILL among trainees.

The following aspects are included in the inspiration and analysis session:
1st part of the day:
  • Why is HILL the training mode of the future?
  • What is the scientific basis for HILL ?
  • What does HILL mean? What do the building blocks mean? What do they actually look like in practice? How do we deal with this in our training? What works well and what works less well? Why?
  • What does HILL mean in a course or in a programme? What are the final qualifications of your course/programme?
2nd part of the day:
  • How do we view HILL as a group? What choices do we make?
  • What is our shared vision? (shared vision HILL)
  • Which courses are currently being provided?
  • What structure / methodology is underlying to this?
  • What works / does not work? Why?
  • Challenges or limitations?
  • What are the steps in implementation?


1 or 1/2 days

Bootcamps are intensive training days in which you learn to master fully each building block. Some HILL building blocks can be combined. We always start with the first 3 most essential building blocks:

For more information about the individual bootcamps, please click the links below.

Bootcamps are organised at specific dates in your institution/organisation, but individuals can also ask to join a bootcamp elsewhere.


1 or 2 days

These days will be planned in different High Impact Learning (HILL) Academy based programmes that have several years of experience. We visit and observe. We look at how the HILL building blocks work and look at risk and success factors within High Impact Learning (HILL) Academy programmes. We learn to focus on strengthening these success factors

You will learn during this day:
  • How you ensure that learners feel an urgency, take responsibility and approach an assignment with enthusiasm.
  • What you have to do to make learners enjoy a pleasant education in which they learn as a driven employee.
  • Let learners develop initiatives themselves from which they learn strongly.
  • 3rd generation assessment: how do I arrive at Assessment as Learning in practice?

Constant feedback from the High Impact Learning (HILL) Academy experts this day lead to deeper insight and the courage to create new applications.


Follow a TTT (Train the Trainers) day around the implementation of all HILL building blocks and the interaction between the building blocks. 

The emphasis is also on:
  • How do you see when fellow trainers/teachers fall back on past behaviour. How do you deal with that?
  • What are the risk factors for relapse? How do I recognise it?
  • How do you achieve real behavioural change in the long term?
  • How do we deal with learners who adapt to a HILL approach?
  • What is HILL coaching?
  • How do I coach my colleagues in a High Impact Learning (HILL) Academy programme?


75 min – 120 min

Keynotes on different aspects of HILL or HILL applications

Minimum duration = 75 min.

Flat room with movable chairs and table as well as a beamer / walking microphone needed.


1 day

Training for coaches that want to master the ‘HILL‘ way of coaching.

How do you coach in HILL? How do you coach the process and the content simultaneously?

Essential HILL coaching skills? Influences of infrastructure on your coaching? How to interact with the coaches? What is my role as coach? What is the responsibility of coaches?

But also sessions on:

  • Change management guidance
  • L&D trajectories for teams
  • Training and conference contributions
  • Online support
  • Webinars
  • Network activities
  • Knowledge sharing cafés

Ask for an offer, more information or subscriptions:

Wibran Dochy, Training manager, CEO High Impact Learning (HILL) Academy